Creating a Campaign is Easy!

Step 1: Start Your Campaign


Step 2: Design Your Campaign Page

  • Write about our cause that you are fundraising for, your motivation, and why you're helping UGM!
  • Consider if your campaign or event is respectful of UGM's values.
  • Pick an image that represents your campaign and upload it. 
  • Click 'Publish your Campaign' and your page will be sent to us for approval. We aim to approve all campaigns within 24 hours (except on weekends or holidays).

Step 3: Share Your Campaign

  • Once your campaign has been approved, post on Facebook and Twitter to let your family and friends know that you are fundraising for UGM. Invite them to support you by donating to your campaign.
  • Remember to tag 'Union Gospel Mission' and @UGM and use #myugm when you share your campaign.
  • Check out our Campaign Resources page for fundraising tips and templates and our FAQ.